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eKibo - The internet basecamp for Adventure Travel

eKibo is the internet base camp for adventure travelers. Before going on your adventure check in here to find out where to go, what equipment you need, and what to expect. We review hot spots, books, and gear. We can help you find the best ticket prices to get you there.

When you are done, let us know how it went.

Kibo Hut is the final resting spot before the climb to the summit of Kilomanjaro, the top of Africa. Climbers stop at Kibo for a few hours of rest, nutrition, and contemplation before starting the climb. is also a place where travelers can prepare for their adventures. You can use in the same way.

Kibo Hut

The destinations buttons will describe various adventures available around the world. This will hopefully be growing section of the website.

Submit a chronical of your adventure to share with others at this basecamp by sending photos and descriptions to We will publish experiences and photos that others may find useful. users can tag their photos with "ekibo" so that they show up on our site. Click here to see what others are doing.

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