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Adventure Travel on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the highest peak on the African continent. By law you are required to hire guides to take you to the top should you so desire. We went during the rainy season, late April to early May, so we were met with blizzard conditions as we staggered to the top. Despite it all, we were all excited about having reached the summit.

The cheapest way to book a trip is to wait until you are in Arusha, Tanzania. Upon arriving in Arusha give yourself about 1 day to talk to as many tour companies as possible to negotiate a price. Having a group of 5-7 already together gives you stronger bargaining position. Issues to consider include the number of porters per hiker, whether food was included, whether housing was included the night before the trip and/or the night after the trip, and whether transportation from Arusha to the start of the trek was included.

The Loney Planet guides for Africa are very good.

Summit of Kilimanjaro

Summit of Kilimanjaro

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