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Getting High in Peru, Archaeological Adventures, Volume One (Archaeological Adventures in Peru Book 1)

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by: Neal Bierling

Books : Getting High in Peru, Archaeological Adventures, Volume One (Archaeological Adventures in Peru Book 1)

Binding: Kindle Edition
Format: Kindle eBook
Label: Kornelis Publishing and Phoenix Data Systems
Languages: EnglishPublished
Manufacturer: Kornelis Publishing and Phoenix Data Systems
Number Of Pages: 386
Publication Date: April 02, 2014
Publisher: Kornelis Publishing and Phoenix Data Systems
Release Date: April 02, 2014
Studio: Kornelis Publishing and Phoenix Data Systems

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Product Description:
For forty years (1972 – 2012) I was a fieldwork archaeologist and photographer working in the Middle East in twelve countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Last year, 2013, I accompanied 22 college students to Arequipa, Peru for more than 4 months. They came for intensive study in Spanish, and I discovered Peru’s archaeological richness, just recently getting uncovered. I knew and have taught about the Inca, Atahualpa, Machu Picchu, etc. I had no idea there were other rich Peruano cultures in addition to the Incas. I am confident that you too will be fascinated by my discoveries of what Peru has to offer. My two volumes describe my adventures in uncovering Peru’s archaeological richness primarily with Pre-Inca archaeology around Arequipa, east to Lake Titicaca, northwest to Lima, and sites north from there. Volume Two ends with several chapters on Cusco, its Inca sites and we end at Machu Picchu, a fantastic site, but there is so much more that you must see and experience in Peru.
The Kindle format supports hundreds of pictures that I have included in each volume. I want you to see the archaeological sites and their artifacts, many of which surpass that of Egypt’s Pharaoh Tut. (Believe me; I am very well acquainted with King Tutankhamen.)
The two volumes include other adventures that we experienced in Peru, such as rafting the Rio Chili, biking down Mt. Chachani (starting at 16,000 feet), and Volume Two describes our climb up Mt. Misti, trekking close to 20,000 feet without oxygen bottles. Peru is a beautiful country with much more to experience than simply Cusco, Machu Picchu, and the Nazca Lines. With these two volumes, I trust that you will want to come down to Peru. So, prepare to get high on Peru. I plan (Ojala) to return to Arequipa, Peru this year with more students and a five-month stay.

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